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The Bach Dang River area, chosen as a battle point, is a critical area with all the necessary conditions to meet the requirements of arranging an ambush on a large scale river. Yarn Low Top. But, to thoroughly take advantage of the favorable conditions of the ideal war point mentioned above, there must be very high art of combat. The marvelous talent of Tran Quoc Tuan and the staff of the resistance at that time was completely isolated the army of O Ma Nhi and the army, and then gradually mobilized step by step into the right point of the battle point. and the determined battle time (from morning till noon of 9th, when the tide recedes). The battles of the Tran King in Hiep Mon region held back the enemy, the Truc Dong battle ensured the secret of our main force in Trang Kenh area and forced O Ma Nhi to follow the Da Bac River to the Bach Dang River.

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