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Tay Khuong land was originally Han land, but the race was forgotten so it did not remember the origin of development; or they may be called as descendants of the Loi Da Co branch in Nam Luong, Suon Phat; again by the word Suddenly, transliterated into Tho Phon. Joey’s Hugsy Friends Shirt. In terms of geographical location, Tho Phon is the Khuong ethnic group. This is because among the Khuong ethnic groups in Thanh Hai province, there is a branch called “Ngang”, this is the relation that from Qin Hien Cong, he brought his tribes to the South, divided over all of Ha Tay to reach thousands of miles. In general, they are the Khương ethnic groups from the Northern and Northern dynasties, and they now take Lula as the center to establish Tho Phon, except that they no longer have access to the Central Highlands.

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