I am intrigued by the fashion choices Mary-Kate Olsen makes while on vacation


When The Row debuted in 2006, it would have been difficult to predict that the Olsen twins would create a minimalist movement with their extravagant label.

Now, 17 years later, The Row has people scrambling to purchase a simple black sweater for $2,000, and all the fashionable women, from Kendall to J.Law, are wearing the brand without pause. They’ve demonstrated that classic, unremarkable investment pieces can still be the hottest trend in fashion. But, when it comes to their own personal style, the two designers don’t always adhere to their own philosophy.

Mary-Kate Olsen was recently seen at an airport in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, while on vacation, and her attire was more unusual and less strict than the understated luxury aesthetic they’ve made popular. Let’s examine her outfit. She began with baggy pants and an oversized, vintage-style tee. (Any seasoned traveler understands that loose, comfortable clothing is a necessity for flying.) We couldn’t tell where the tee came from, despite zooming in, but to keep herself warm on the plane, she added a massive plaid scarf. Very reminiscent of the 2010s.

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When The Row was launched in 2006, it was hard to imagine that the Olsen twins would introduce a minimalist trend with their ultra-luxury brand. But after 17 years, The Row has people willing to pay $2,000 for a discreet black sweater, and all the It girls from Kendall to J.Law are wearing the brand constantly. They have shown that timeless, nondescript investment pieces can still be the hottest thing in fashion. Nevertheless, when it comes to their own style, the two designers don’t always follow their own rules.

Recently, Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted at an airport in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, wearing an eccentric outfit that contrasted with the understated, stealth-wealth vibe they’ve popularized. She paired baggy trousers with an oversized vintage-style tee and layered a ginormous plaid scarf over it to keep warm on the plane. To carry her belongings, she opted for a bowler bag, a retro silhouette from the 2000s that has made a comeback recently, as Bella Hadid was also seen carrying a camo-print one. Her flat black mules, which are probably from The Row, are more in line with the brand’s modern, minimalist aesthetic. Moreover, they are perfect for quickly taking them off in the TSA line.

Mary-Kate’s outfit showcases a mix of pieces from different styles and eras, resulting in a quirky look that adds variety to their chic, neutral-toned basics. The Olsens are known for letting their personalities shine through their clothing choices. Mary-Kate has been seen carrying a beat-up Hermès Kelly bag, while Ashley Olsen has shown her love for New Balance’s 547 dad sneakers, which cost less than $100. They wear what they like with pride, regardless of the style or price point. The Olsens are the ultimate masters of high-low and mix-and-match dressing, and a reminder to have fun with fashion and keep people guessing!