BEST Uchiha Sasuke NRT Tumbler Cup


A.BEST Uchiha Sasuke NRT Tumbler Cup

BEST Uchiha Sasuke NRT Tumbler Cup A tumbler is an ordinary glass bottle with a conical bottom and stem which hold liquid. The stem is usually attached to the bottom of the bottle to allow for easy pouring of liquid from the bottle. The tumbler has no other purpose but to make the poured liquid appear to have a rotating motion. This motion may be desired for holding any sort of liquid, although wine seems to be the most common use. Tumblers are used by people in different situations and various methods. They are also known as cocktail glasses.

The tumbler has been around since at least 1601 where it was invented in Germany by Carl Von Zipper. He may have based the tumbler on an earlier type of drinking glass called a somersault. However, the somersault glass had only one stem and could be rotated only clockwise or counter clockwise. The tumbler on the other hand could be spun clockwise or counter clockwise. BEST Uchiha Sasuke NRT Tumbler Cup

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