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After the death of the Emperor Qianlong, the Qing dynasty also followed that gradually, because of Tibet, the Qing dynasty felt no longer enough to control, once the Qing dynasty could no longer protect, 68 You Owe Me One T-Shirt. Tibet avoided these internal and external riots, so Tibet gradually escaped from the protection of the Qing dynasty. In addition, the Dalai Lama’s power was increasingly expanded, until the Thirteenth Dalai Lama’s life, first because British troops invaded Tibet, so he had to run to Beijing for help, but at this time the court The Qing dynasty had no intention of helping, so the Dalai Lama returned to Tibet, and after an urgent situation, he changed from an anti-British man to a British relative, and defected to India. . When the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty retired, the Dalai Lama declared Tibet independent.

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